guilty pleasures.

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Yes, I've neglected my blog big time. I feel guilty. So, I figured this would be an appropriate topic: the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. I know I can be a music snob sometimes, but even music snobs have their weaknesses.

5-Celine Dion

What girl of the 90's didn't love Celine? She had me from the time she and Peabo sang Beauty and the Beast. When my cinema taste matured a little, she accompanied my FAVORITE movie with my FAVORITE guy and first huge crush. You know I'm talking about Leo and Titanic. It's all coming back to me, Celine...


I have no explanation. I've loved her since Destiny's Child.

3-Pop Punk from my high school years

Man, did I love New Found Glory. Allister, Fenix TX, The Get Up Kids...I could go on for days. It was before everything went "screamo" and stupid, and they always made me happy. They still do.

2-Backstreet Boys

The BSB were my first concert in Rupp Arena! I was 13 and in love with Kevin Richardson. Everybody knows NSYNC couldn't compare to the BSB...cause they had it goin' on. I may or may not have gone to my second BSB concert three weeks ago and loved every minute of it.

1-Hall and Oates

I think this is in my genetics. Other than Oates' killer mustache, why would I be so inexplicably drawn to two blantantly dorky 80's poppers? My Mom loves H&O, and I'm told that part of the inspiration behind my name was their song, "Sara Smile." Wonderful. They inspired what was definitely my favorite scene from 500 Days of Summer...I feel like doing the same thing when I'm rocking this on my way to class.

Who are your guiltiest pleasures?

this is haunting my dreams...

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Seriously...I can't get the "monster" image out of my head since Yeasayer released this video. At the same time...I can't stop watching...

this girl's back in town!

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Yeah, I was a lazy poster this summer. However, school starts in a week and you know what that means--plenty of procrastination posts. But for now, life is still too good to spend on the computer. Geoff is working his dream job and we're both pretty darn happy. =)

Until next week: new favorite band.

i write like...her?

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A few days ago, my mother told me about "I Write Like." If you haven't already heard, it's a website that automatically analyzes your writing samples and tells you what famous writer your writing style is most similar to. When she told me that the guy on the news entered Lady Gaga lyrics and it spit out Shakespeare, I was immediately skeptical. (I really, really hate Lady Gaga. Sorry.)

Nonetheless, my interest was piqued. Since pretty much everything I write outside of this blog is very analytical, I decided to make up a little something. Kathleen was sitting with me, so this is what flowed out in a matter of about thirty seconds:

Sarah and K sat silently on the queen size bed, wearing their beautiful outfits that still smelled of the Fayette Mall. They pondered the meaning of their existence. Why am I here? And who are these people? Alas, they sighed. They are all here to serve us.

We then giggled for a good ten minutes over the absurdity of our blurb. Anyway, "I Write Like" popped out with the result of Margaret Atwood. Handmaid's Tale? Ohh yes, I was pleased. Maybe I'm with Lady Googoo though. It probably flattered me a bit, and I'm not really sure how the program draws it's conclusions. Who do you "write like", and were you flattered or offended?


off to the west coast.

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I'm flying across the entire United States in a few hours to be in my lovely Layla's wedding. I can't wait to hit the Portland record shops. Not only can I seek out vinyl, but I can also make fun of the hipsters who are sure to be there, although most of them know nothing more about music than what they read in a zine.

I'll have a long post when I return on my adventures and my dear friend's wedding.


back from hiatus and an anniversary!

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That's right, I have returned. I bet you all thought I had been kidnapped. You bribed your 14-year old brother to write a screenplay about the event. It has since been picked up by the Lifetime network and will air immediately after A Dog Took My Face And Gave Me A Better Face To Change The World: The Celeste Cunningham Story. (C'mon 30 Rock fans. Tell me you remember that.)

Anywho, this month marks a very important anniversary for yours truly. A year ago, I had a harsh break-up. We'd been attached for years. But after having three procedures to remove abnormal cells, it was time to say goodbye to my old friend, the tanning bed. I haven't been in a tanning bed at all since then, and my skin is so very happy. For those of you that still get in the cancer box, here are a few facts to consider:
  • Women who visited a tanning parlor at least once a month were 55% more likely to later develop melanoma than women who didn't artificially suntan. Those who used sun lamps to tan while in their 20s had the greatest later risk, about 150% higher than similarly aged women who shunned tanning beds.
  • Tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation are definite causes of cancer, alongside tobacco, the hepatitis B virus and chimney sweeping, among others.
  • The probability of malignant melanoma of the eye cannot be precluded. Wearing eye glasses or keeping the eyes closed will not be sufficient to keep this from happening.
Uggh. If that isn't enough to steer you away, I'll let you have a look at my scars. They aren't anything ghastly, but that's only because my dermatologist found the cells early. If you're a sunless tanner, I'd really encourage you to see a dermatologist. (I have a wonderful one--leave me a comment if you'd like to contact her). I now use airbrush tanning to keep a dark tone. (My tan technician is amazing also--again, let me know if you need a recommendation!) I want all of you beautiful blogger girls to stay healthy!

One last heart could probably burst from happiness for my basketball boys. Leeego Cats.

on shoulder pads and restroom eulogies.

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Subject One-Shoulderpads.

It was a rainy Memorial Day in Carolina. Rather than completely waste my day off, I decided to be productive and...go shopping. While at the mall, I found what I thought was a very Sarah dress. Black cocktail length with white piping and a square neck. It fit like a glove, but there was one problem--shoulderpads. I read in Elle or something that they were back, and that they're only on the pieces that need them. Well...why is it that nothing has needed them for the past 20 years? On my little frame, they make me look like a linebacker. Should I suck it up and wear them for the sake of the cute dress, or am I right in thinking that people would mistake me as a cast member for a Designing Women remake?

Subject Two-Restroom Eulogies.

People that write on the walls of public restrooms are undoubtedly among humanity's kindest. Not only do they selflessly refer rank strangers to those who offer "good times", but, in the same primary penmanship, they also scribble heartfelt "rest in peace" messages to their fallen comrades. Now let me assure you, when I move on to that pie in the sky, I will surely appreciate your wishes that my soul's everlastin' siesta will be tranquil. However, it really is not necessary to transcribe your wish to a bathroom wall in a Mexican restaurant or Bob's BP. At least make it a TGI Friday's. Come on, keep it classy.
Author's Apology: Apparently "shoulder pad" is two words. Duly noted.