when the rain comes, they run and hide their heads.

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Looks like ye olde blog is getting off to a slow start, courtesy of the crazy storm system that blew through yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I love a good storm. This storm, however, had me convinced that Voldemort and a few death eaters were about to fly into my apartment at any time. Turns out that there were only electricity eaters--the death eaters' distant cousins from Pittsburgh. Anyway, said electricity eaters took it upon themselves to give me a power outage. Although it only lasted about two minutes, the surge was enough to fry my new laptop charger that I have owned for exactly one week. Fantastic! Apple has a new energy efficient model en route to me. I only hope that I correctly identified the symptom. If my port is blown, we have troubles.

My little charger incident was nothing compared to what many people faced with flooding yesterday. The fact was impossible to miss, with Louisville's high waters as the headline news on most of the national outlets. I am truly sorry to see the devastation in Jefferson County. However, I couldn't help but become a but agitated by the fact that the same disastrous flooding that occurred in eastern Kentucky three months ago received little to no recognition outside the region. I do not know how the two floods compare, insofar as the monetary damages done. I will simply say that I find it very hard to believe that yesterday's flooding was any worse. Pike County is quickly running out of the funds received from FEMA. In fact, I am not sure that they are not already depleted. There are still several areas that are left in ruins. A piece of the road near my grandfather's home on Chloe Creek that was washed away in May remains untouched. Residents of the area have put up homemade caution signs to warn motorists. Just last week, my grandfather was hard at work repairing a part of his house that was damaged from the immense amount of water that ran off the mountain. I'm sure that other residents could tell similar stories. Improper reclamation, anyone? But I digress.

Let me reiterate, I am not attempting to diminish the fact that Louisville was terribly flooded. Yes, this was an event that merited media attention. It is the way that this media attention is dispersed, however, that upsets me so much. Apparently, eastern Kentuckians only warrant attention when it is a convenient career move for a white-collar journalist.

Rant finished. Good day all!


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