guilty pleasures.

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Yes, I've neglected my blog big time. I feel guilty. So, I figured this would be an appropriate topic: the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. I know I can be a music snob sometimes, but even music snobs have their weaknesses.

5-Celine Dion

What girl of the 90's didn't love Celine? She had me from the time she and Peabo sang Beauty and the Beast. When my cinema taste matured a little, she accompanied my FAVORITE movie with my FAVORITE guy and first huge crush. You know I'm talking about Leo and Titanic. It's all coming back to me, Celine...


I have no explanation. I've loved her since Destiny's Child.

3-Pop Punk from my high school years

Man, did I love New Found Glory. Allister, Fenix TX, The Get Up Kids...I could go on for days. It was before everything went "screamo" and stupid, and they always made me happy. They still do.

2-Backstreet Boys

The BSB were my first concert in Rupp Arena! I was 13 and in love with Kevin Richardson. Everybody knows NSYNC couldn't compare to the BSB...cause they had it goin' on. I may or may not have gone to my second BSB concert three weeks ago and loved every minute of it.

1-Hall and Oates

I think this is in my genetics. Other than Oates' killer mustache, why would I be so inexplicably drawn to two blantantly dorky 80's poppers? My Mom loves H&O, and I'm told that part of the inspiration behind my name was their song, "Sara Smile." Wonderful. They inspired what was definitely my favorite scene from 500 Days of Summer...I feel like doing the same thing when I'm rocking this on my way to class.

Who are your guiltiest pleasures?

this is haunting my dreams...

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Seriously...I can't get the "monster" image out of my head since Yeasayer released this video. At the same time...I can't stop watching...

this girl's back in town!

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Yeah, I was a lazy poster this summer. However, school starts in a week and you know what that means--plenty of procrastination posts. But for now, life is still too good to spend on the computer. Geoff is working his dream job and we're both pretty darn happy. =)

Until next week: new favorite band.

i write like...her?

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A few days ago, my mother told me about "I Write Like." If you haven't already heard, it's a website that automatically analyzes your writing samples and tells you what famous writer your writing style is most similar to. When she told me that the guy on the news entered Lady Gaga lyrics and it spit out Shakespeare, I was immediately skeptical. (I really, really hate Lady Gaga. Sorry.)

Nonetheless, my interest was piqued. Since pretty much everything I write outside of this blog is very analytical, I decided to make up a little something. Kathleen was sitting with me, so this is what flowed out in a matter of about thirty seconds:

Sarah and K sat silently on the queen size bed, wearing their beautiful outfits that still smelled of the Fayette Mall. They pondered the meaning of their existence. Why am I here? And who are these people? Alas, they sighed. They are all here to serve us.

We then giggled for a good ten minutes over the absurdity of our blurb. Anyway, "I Write Like" popped out with the result of Margaret Atwood. Handmaid's Tale? Ohh yes, I was pleased. Maybe I'm with Lady Googoo though. It probably flattered me a bit, and I'm not really sure how the program draws it's conclusions. Who do you "write like", and were you flattered or offended?


off to the west coast.

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I'm flying across the entire United States in a few hours to be in my lovely Layla's wedding. I can't wait to hit the Portland record shops. Not only can I seek out vinyl, but I can also make fun of the hipsters who are sure to be there, although most of them know nothing more about music than what they read in a zine.

I'll have a long post when I return on my adventures and my dear friend's wedding.


back from hiatus and an anniversary!

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That's right, I have returned. I bet you all thought I had been kidnapped. You bribed your 14-year old brother to write a screenplay about the event. It has since been picked up by the Lifetime network and will air immediately after A Dog Took My Face And Gave Me A Better Face To Change The World: The Celeste Cunningham Story. (C'mon 30 Rock fans. Tell me you remember that.)

Anywho, this month marks a very important anniversary for yours truly. A year ago, I had a harsh break-up. We'd been attached for years. But after having three procedures to remove abnormal cells, it was time to say goodbye to my old friend, the tanning bed. I haven't been in a tanning bed at all since then, and my skin is so very happy. For those of you that still get in the cancer box, here are a few facts to consider:
  • Women who visited a tanning parlor at least once a month were 55% more likely to later develop melanoma than women who didn't artificially suntan. Those who used sun lamps to tan while in their 20s had the greatest later risk, about 150% higher than similarly aged women who shunned tanning beds.
  • Tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation are definite causes of cancer, alongside tobacco, the hepatitis B virus and chimney sweeping, among others.
  • The probability of malignant melanoma of the eye cannot be precluded. Wearing eye glasses or keeping the eyes closed will not be sufficient to keep this from happening.
Uggh. If that isn't enough to steer you away, I'll let you have a look at my scars. They aren't anything ghastly, but that's only because my dermatologist found the cells early. If you're a sunless tanner, I'd really encourage you to see a dermatologist. (I have a wonderful one--leave me a comment if you'd like to contact her). I now use airbrush tanning to keep a dark tone. (My tan technician is amazing also--again, let me know if you need a recommendation!) I want all of you beautiful blogger girls to stay healthy!

One last heart could probably burst from happiness for my basketball boys. Leeego Cats.

on shoulder pads and restroom eulogies.

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Subject One-Shoulderpads.

It was a rainy Memorial Day in Carolina. Rather than completely waste my day off, I decided to be productive and...go shopping. While at the mall, I found what I thought was a very Sarah dress. Black cocktail length with white piping and a square neck. It fit like a glove, but there was one problem--shoulderpads. I read in Elle or something that they were back, and that they're only on the pieces that need them. Well...why is it that nothing has needed them for the past 20 years? On my little frame, they make me look like a linebacker. Should I suck it up and wear them for the sake of the cute dress, or am I right in thinking that people would mistake me as a cast member for a Designing Women remake?

Subject Two-Restroom Eulogies.

People that write on the walls of public restrooms are undoubtedly among humanity's kindest. Not only do they selflessly refer rank strangers to those who offer "good times", but, in the same primary penmanship, they also scribble heartfelt "rest in peace" messages to their fallen comrades. Now let me assure you, when I move on to that pie in the sky, I will surely appreciate your wishes that my soul's everlastin' siesta will be tranquil. However, it really is not necessary to transcribe your wish to a bathroom wall in a Mexican restaurant or Bob's BP. At least make it a TGI Friday's. Come on, keep it classy.
Author's Apology: Apparently "shoulder pad" is two words. Duly noted.

summer reading!

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I want to know--what's on your summer reading list? Now that write-on is over, I can officially read whatever I want. Way too excited. I went to the library yesterday and picked up the following (two are actually movies, but movies are a major thing to me!):

-A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers
-Transparent Things by Vladimir Nabokov
-Goya's Ghosts
-The Lives of Others

That covers one all-time favorite author and one new one. I've somehow only seen about the first half an hour of The Lives of Others, so I'm excited to finish it. Give me suggestions, friends! I especially like existentialism, prose, and Russian authors.

it's on, workforce.

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My first day went quite swimmingly, if I do say so myself. I learned that I'm assigned to high profile/violent crimes...woohoo! I get the crazies! That's about as much as I can say per my confidentiality agreement, but it should be an interesting summer.

I've actually stayed on a bit of a schedule today, and that's odd. I'm not really one that likes to structure things, but it's worked so far. I went to work, to the gym, worked on law journal piece, played piano, and now I'm ready for more law journal!

This seems appropriate today...have a good week!

Go Local! Vol. 2

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I'm actually keeping up with a series...go me! Today was my annual eye check-up. I knew I wouldn't be able to see to drive after my eyes were dilated, so Geoff offered to drive me. After hearing that my sight is still better than 20/20, I am further convinced that LASIK is a miracle and Dr. Abell must canonized as the patron saint of eyesight. Or something like that.

Anyway, after the check-up, we decided to check out the Parkette Drive-In. It reopened under new management last year, and I'd been wanting to check it out for a long time. According to their website, the drive-in originally opened in 1951. As far as I can see, it still operates on pretty much the same principles. Small dining room area, but mostly catering to in-car service. Geoff was über boring with his selection and ordered a hot dog and fries. Luckily, the hot dog was unique (at least to me) in being served on a sesame seed bun. I've never seen that with a dog before. Geoff reports that it was delicious, so I guess being boring worked out for him. I had to go all out and try the Poor Boy, which is apparently one of their signature meals. Two hamburger patties, three pieces of bread, onion, lettuce, pickles, tomato, and "Parkette Sauce." NOTE: I had never eaten a double hamburger before in my life. I ate the whole thing. It wasn't anything out of this world, but it was just simple and tasty.

Yes, the sign still looks exactly like that.

Overall, I just love the idea of a truly local and historic drive-in. Oh, and our waitress was the most friendly I've had in a LONG time. If anyone else has been, I'd love to hear about what you had!

this week's music: the pogues!

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Actually, The Pogues always get pretty good airtime on my iTunes and record player. But right now, I just can't get enough. I've been missing both London and Ireland badly. Since I don't have the money to reach either, I figure Shane and the Pogues are the next best thing. Last night, I got the 5 CD box set of rarities, b-sides, etc, called "Just Look Them in the Eyes and say 'Pogue Mahone'!" It's definitely worth checking out if you're a Pogues fan. There's also an interview with Shane in the current Q magazine, where he was voted one of the Top 100 Frontmen of All Time. He's a real piece of work. I sat there in Barnes and Noble and giggled out loud at the things he said. In an unfortunate update from that interview, he has already lost his new teeth. Some things will never change.

I realize that this is a very, very rambly post, and I apologize. Here is one of my favorites by The Pogues--enjoy!

Oh Ireland, I'll be back. times of my life!

mountain medicine.

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In celebration of Kathleen and myself completing our first year of law school and Tommy and Mark finishing law school forever, the four of us took a getaway to the Smoky Mountains. K's uncle graciously let us stay at his AMAZING cabin, Mountain Medicine. We all had queen size beds and huge full bathrooms all to ourselves! We had a hot tub on the deck, and it was THE go-to destination as soon as we got back every evening! It was the perfect way to end the year, and I hope we can make it an annual tradition.

Unfortunately, I'm now back to the real world of writing on to law journal. I'll be taking a break tomorrow night to go to the Midlake concert at Southgate House! I haven't seen them since 2007 and I'm preeeeetty excited. Anyone else have concert plans this summer?

I'll leave you with some pictures from our trip. Have a happy Sunday!

Best friends.

Putt-putt champion.

Rouse loves Nora Roberts.

Sometimes you gotta hang ten on a crazy ride.

We love Tommy. Sometimes.

all the stuff you've missed.

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A few things I didn't have time to post about, January through May.

Kathleen and I did the John Wall dance.

We sang some karaoke.

Stu sang some karaoke a few weeks later and met "Karen".

I taught Potions.

A Bloody Mary cured a losing ticket at Keeneland.

DeMarcus Cousins and I were married at a small, intimate ceremony at Kennedy Bookstore.

Yeah, that's pretty much how it all happened!


i'm a 2L, or, HALLELUJAH!

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The woman in that picture is a pretty accurate representation of me after my CivPro final today. I am now 33.333% finished with law school! I'm worn to a frazzle right now. Providing that I actually wake up before 8 pm tomorrow, Momma and I are going to Cincinnati to do some shopping. Wish us luck as we enter the evil empire.

Did I mention 1L year is over? Praise the Lawd!


no time for a post...

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but I thought I'd try a blog hop!

Off to UK Law Commencement, where I can mourn ALL of my friends leaving!

heads up for CATS fans...

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Ramon just tweeted that he, Mark, Patrick, and Perry will be having a signing tonight from 6-8 at Paul Mitchell. I normally wouldn't post about a signing, but this one has a special cause. All of the proceeds will go to help pay medical bills for Mark's mom, who is battling cancer.

This is a great group of guys! Come and say hello...and say your last goodbye to Patrick before he becomes an NBA star.

Update: The guys raised $7,500! This is a huge victory, but don't stop praying for Terri Krebs!

new tunes for the week.

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Studying has always cause me to make playlists. I have "finals" playlists dating back to my first semester of junior year, and it's always fun to go back and have a listen. I usually pick mellow, folky tunes for those types of playlists. This year, I mixed those with peppy songs, because Lord knows I need cheering up while studying this stuff. Here are some of my favorites from my Spring '10 list, with links to their YouTube videos.

1. Local Natives-Airplanes. Geoff has been telling me to download Gorilla Manor for months, and I just got around to it. Thank goodness. Fans of Band of Horses will want to check these guys out.

2. Specials-Monkey Man. This song never fails to put a smile on my face. When I have kids, we'll definitely jam to this one together.

3. Blitzen Trapper-Heaven and Earth. I thought I'd downloaded the wrong song at first. I was prepared for a harmonica or acoustic guitar...and they give me piano. It's different for Blitzen Trapper, but it definitely works. I hope that when the official video for this arrives, it will be as awesome as the one for Black River Killer.

4. The Zombies-You Really Got a Hold on Me/Bring it on Home to Me. One of my favorite bands takes two of my favorites songs and puts them together? Oh yeah. I've known this medley for a long time, but now I can't get enough of it. What is your favorite version of either of these songs?

5. The Whitsundays-Silent in the Wind. Simple and sweet, like this time of year should be. There's no YouTube video for now, so I linked you to a free download! Even better!

Hope you enjoy some of the songs! If you do, support the artists by buying their album or going to their show! Ohh speaking of which...I am going to see Midlake next weekend! YAY! Anyway, I'm off to study class actions for the next three days. Happy Finals Week!


new youtube favorite!

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Oh. My. Gosh. This just made me smile SO much. Some guy with a freakishly good Herzog impression has uploaded YouTube videos of "Werner" reading childrens' books. The way he changes the themes are dead-on Herzog as versus nature, isolation, etc. It's just too good and I'm probably way too excited about it.

sweet dreams, vol. 3.

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Oh Dreamland. You never cease to amuse me.

It's been rainy and blah all day, so I couldn't help but lay down for a little snooze. During said snooze, I dreamed that I had somehow come into possession of a video of John Wall that was, shall we say, risqué. Someone then proceeded to upload the video onto the internet under my name! Hahaha, I started flipping out, because I was afraid it would ruin John's name and career. I spent the rest of the dream trying to delete it from the internet and crying. I woke up and had a good laugh.

Now Johnny boy, you see the lengths I go to for you even in dreams? You can hire another attorney for now, but hopefully you will dump him in two years and give me a job. I'll be the attorney Rick Pitino wishes he had. Think about it.

for your musical consideration.

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I'm loving the songs I've heard from The National's upcoming album, High Violet. It took me a while to warm up to Matt Berninger's voice, but the songs are just too nice not to. (If you're a newcomer to the band, I recommend All the Wine.) I'm really taken by the new track Afraid of Everyone. It's feel is a little more similar to their side project, Clogs. This makes sense, seeing as how Clogs just released an album a month or two ago. The sound also puts me in mind of The Twilight Sad...big time.

A few members of the band are from just across the river in Cincinnati, so hopefully I'll get a chance to check out one of their shows in the next few months. Here is a utterly random picture of me with The National's Bryce in the background:

Haaha! Geoff and I were waiting around after the MusicNow Festival while Matt photographed Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear's sound guy, "Juice", was having his own little photography project, taking Polaroids (with a SoCo ad?) of the band members. Before I knew it, I was in on the picture-taking. I think the surprise is obvious from my facial expression. Bryce, who helped to organize the festival, can be seen creepin' over my shoulder. Lovely! (Click here for the session's best picture...Sufjan and Daniel are 2Bless2BeStressed, son.) He and The National's album is due out on May 10th.


Go Local! Vol. 1

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I have been in Lexington for 5 years now, and couldn't ask for a better hometown. It's large enough to foster great businesses and ideas, but small enough to feel that you aren't lost in a crowd. Many of my favorite places to go (like Stella's, mentioned yesterday) are the local businesses that were established and continue to thrive here in Lexington. I thought it would be fun to write a series highlighting my local favorites so that you can enjoy them too.

Cricket Press
"Cricket press is a tiny little operation geared towards designing and hand printing silk-screened posters for music events, art shows, propaganda, and basically anything you'd want to make a poster for. We especially love doing gig posters for punk, indie-rock, jazz, and improvised music events. Reason being, this is just the music we love, and the people we love to work with."

Cricket Press makes a stroll through downtown Lexington seem like a stroll through an art gallery. I have seen music posters around the world--London, Berlin, Paris, New York--and these are on par with any and better than most. They are completely unique, and often incorporate a bit of whimsy. If you're lucky enough to score an original print, it's a great piece of art to frame, as well as a great way to remember one of your favorite shows. They also make cards and stationery that are cute, cute, cute! Find their products at the Morris Book Shop or visit their Etsy page.

More of their work:


working woman.

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I've been looking for the perfect dress for my first day of work in the legal field. You have to start out on the looking good, right? I knew I found the dress on Nordstrom's website, but their smallest size was an eight. I called to see if they had it in Cincinnati, thinking that maybe I could put it on hold and pick it up next weekend. But no, they of course put me on hold for fifteen minutes. I gave up. I feel sorry for people that have to live in Ohio.

Then, I called the store I should have contacted in the first place. The Nordstrom in Atlanta (Phipps Plaza) is really a class act. My mom got her dress for Chris' wedding there, and they treated her like a queen! The alterations were perfect, and the delivery was right on time. Anyway, not only were they about 1000x nicer, they found my dress in a size two and are shipping it for free! I really recommend dealing with them. If you're ordering anyway, have it shipped from their store.

Here it is! Classy with a 60s-esque feel. Love. It.


just the thing to calm me down.

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If you haven't been to Stella's Kentucky Deli yet, you're missing out! They use local, organic ingredients and the results are amazing! I just came back from eating there with Evan, and it was the perfect meal. I had a hot brown, and Evan had the fried green tomato BLT (which I've also had before and is delicious). We couldn't decide on just one dessert, so we got both the derby pie and the chocolate bourbon brownies. I could eat about a pound of both, but derby pie is one of my all-time favorite desserts. (Missy's has a mean recipe too, but they call theirs Mayday Pie.) We washed it all down with some delicious Ale-8-One. I promise, if you love Alfalfa or Lynn's Paradise Cafe you will love Stella's!

apparently, that hiatus was a hoax.

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Today, I sat in the same spot in the library from 10 am until 6 pm, and I still don't feel as prepared as I want to be. I just had to have a little break. I tend to get this nervous adrenaline during finals. I could probably run ten miles without stopping right now. Okay, maybe not that much...I hung up my cross country shoes a long time ago. I just need to focus my energies somewhere else for a few minutes.

Thus, I'm going to ramble about Donovan. He's all I've listened to for the past few days. I started listening to him during high school, whenever I found out that he was with the Beatles in Rishikesh. It was pretty light stuff, Colours, Sunshine Superman, and the like. A few years later, a certain green-eyed boy I used to know introduced me to A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. Wow. I love both British psychedelia and folk, and this is the perfect balance of the two. It kind of makes me want to fall in love with some minstrel boy...if such a thing still existed. Donovan is one of the most underrated songwriters of the 20th century. Listen to Celeste and prepare to be made melllloooow.

Update: Contracts exam is over. All that needs to be said is that I never thought I would be so happy that I know that an elephant's gestation period is 22 months.

this man's face=worthy of breaking blogging hiatus.

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I am currently watching Pirate Radio while studying the Uniform Commercial Code. The former makes the latter much more bearable...and Tom Sturridge certainly helps. I think if I got to fashion my own man, this would be pretty much what he looked like. That sounds really creepy. Yes, apparently I'm a creepy, sleep-deprived Anglophile, so I'll stop here.

freedom, freedom, give it to me!

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Jimi Hendrix says it best in this blog's title. In two weeks, my first year of law school will be over and freedom will be mine! (This also means that I am going on a two-week blogging hiatus, but I digress.) While this has certainly not been one of my most enjoyable years for many reasons, I know it was one of the most important. I don't believe in worrying, but I have to admit that the worries about my summer job prospects were coming. Thankfully, my work and persistence paid off. This week I landed an internship that is beyond what I could even dream of. Since my employer is a public figure, I don't think that it is appropriate to give you all of the details about them in a blog. I will tell you, however, that I was more impressed by this person than anyone I have come into contact with in my job search. While others who had far less on their plate took weeks (or months, in one very inconsiderate firm's case) to speak with me on an individual basis, this person got back to me within two days. I feel ashamed now for worrying about those other firms. God was just holding out to give me something so much better!

Alright, now that I forced you to wallow in my no-longer-unemployed glee, I'll get back to the point. I'll have about two weeks in between school and beginning my internship. Unfortunately, some of this time must be allocated to writing on to the Kentucky Law Journal. But this won't stop me from filling every possible moment with something terrifyingly awesome. Kathleen and I have already secured a Tennessee cabin for a few days. Knowing us, I'd say it's safe to predict that the trip will include shopping, singing karaoke, and making friends with the most random characters imaginable.

But what can I do with the rest of my break? Maybe I should start hosting a fishing show where I catch all of the large-mouth bass in Fishtrap Dam and shout "WOOOOWEEE!" every time I catch one. (It would probably be more similar to this...although I wouldn't be caught dead in a UT hat.) Maybe I should learn to play The Doobie Brothers' "Takin' It to the Streets" on the bagpipes. Or I could take on the Kenny Walker challenge of racing a quarterhorse at the Red Mile Racetrack. The possibilities really are endless. =)


what a world...

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Who even knew that they had volcanoes in Iceland? I'm not usually one for gloom and doom, but this happening genuinely freaks me out. I couldn't help but have the images of this video in my head as soon as I heard about the clouds and falling ashes. Are Sigur Rós some kind of Icelandic prophets? Seeing the Icelandic people in their masks also reminded me of The Road. That book has scarred me for a good way.

a day for daddy.

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Today, April 6th, would have been my precious Daddy's birthday. You would think I would be more down on the anniversary of his death, February 7th, but it's always the birthday that gets me. I always start to think about what we'd be doing to celebrate. It's a gorgeous day, so I can only imagine that he'd take the vintage Camaro out for a spin, Zeppelin cranked up all the way. Although I wish I could be enjoying this day with him, I know that every day is this gorgeous where he is. Today I just want to remember his life, but also how he taught me not to fear death. I watched my father die. I don't mean that I only saw his body slowly succumbing to the cancer, but that I literally watched his last breaths. The moment was private, and I have never really shared it with anyone. However, I will tell you that a look of absolute peace came over his face near the end. He smiled. Daddy wasn't afraid...he was happy. I guess that was the only fitting exit for the man who had a permanent smile on his face. When I realize I'm moving on to see my Daddy again, I reckon I'll die smiling too.

This is one of my favorite songs by The Kinks, and describes my feelings on this day perfectly.

Happy Easter!

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"And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here."
-St. Augustine

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter weekend! Enjoy this gorgeous Kentucky weather, and most importantly, remember the man who was crucified for YOU.

Romans 6:8-11
Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

kentucky rain.

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The weather in Kentucky today pretty much fits the mood of the state. The Big Blue Nation After last night's game, I cried myself into a throbbing headache. I didn't cry so much for what we lost as for who we lost. That game probably marked the last time we will see John Wall, Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins, and maybe Eric Bledose in a blue and white uniform. Why does this matter so much to me?

I have watched and loved Kentucky basketball my entire life. I carried a stuffed wildcat everywhere when I was two. When I was four, I busted my head open and needed stitches. When the nurse asked what color stitches I wanted, I calmly replied, "UK blue." I sat in my Daddy's lap and watched every game Jamal Mashburn ever played. In 5th grade (the year of the 1998 National Championship), I won a school prize for having the best UK spirit. I cried as a 15-year old meeting Tayshaun Prince. In short, I'm trying to tell you that I have followed and adored dozens of teams. Until now, I would have said my favorite team was the "Comeback Cats" of 1998. But this year changed everything. For all the love I've had for every team, this one was just different. I have never felt so involved, so connected to a group of players. Their unbelievable talent, their personalities, and their heart made them unlike any other team in this nation. The Big Blue Nation embraced them because they allowed us to. It was all but unbearable for me to wait from game to game and see these guys leave it all on the floor every time.

Would I have liked to seen the 8th National Championship banner hanging in Rupp Arena? As another Sarah would say, "You betcha." But I wouldn't trade the season we had for anything in the world. These guys brought life back into Kentucky basketball, and championship or not, no one can tell me that their school has a more talented team or a more loyal fanbase. I hope the players recognized how much we love them when they came home to a couple hundred Cats fans waiting for them at the airport, myself included. John, Eric, and DeMarcus walked out with their arms around one another, and came over to greet the fans. My headache completely subsided for a few minutes, and all I could do was smile.

I love this team, I love the Wildcats, and I love Kentucky. No apologies and no regrets.

a fantastic and fashionable way to promote literacy!

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Out of Print Clothing is awesome. It operates with a mission similar to that of Tom's shoes, which I also adore. Out of Print produces fashion tees with the covers of the world's great novels on them. A few of the selections include On the Road, The Catcher in the Rye, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Not only do the tees have a great vintage vibe, but for each one you buy, Out of Print will donate a book to a needy community in Africa. I LOVE this idea, and think I simply must have the Lolita tee. Side note: I don't care how controversial that book is. It is the most beautiful thing I have EVER read. Side side note: Speaking of books, is anyone reading anything interesting right now? I just finished up The Road by Cormac McCarthy (masterpiece), and am thinking of picking back up with Locus Solus by Raymond Roussel next. I also just ordered The Assignment: or, on the Observing of the Observer of the Observers.

In other news, my CATS are in the Elite Eight! Joy abounds!


you will thank me for this one later.

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Alright, I am about to share one of my little secrets. Lulu has the absolute prettiest, most unique, and most affordable dresses I've ever seen! Most of them run $30-40, and are the same that you will find on places like ModCloth. They also carry other adorable clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and have an expansive true vintage collection. If you, like me, find yourself drooling over a ridiculously priced Anthropologie piece, do yourself and your wallet a favor and hit Lulu's. I'm about to put in a new order as we speak!


how bout those wildcats?

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No time for a real post...the NCAA tournament is on television AND I'm trying to finish my appellate brief! But I couldn't miss the opportunity to mention my CATS being Sweet Sixteen bound! 4 days 4 hours, 5 minutes and 18 seconds until we play again!


almost 23...and disney still gets me.

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Evan learned long ago that it is futile to try and get out of taking me to a movie I've been wanting to see. Phantom of the Opera was my first success. Anyway, I was quite pleasantly surprised when he was actually as excited to see The Princess and the Frog as I was. These kids that are growing up on Pixar just don't get it. I adore pretty much all of the Pixar movies (especially Toy Story, Wall-E, and UP), but they're just not the same as that hand-drawn classics.

We both loved The Princess and the Frog. If you pay close attention, you'll see little appearances from some of your other favorite Disney characters--King Triton being the most noticeable. What brings me to talking about the movie today is the fact that at age 23, sometimes it takes a good old Disney song to get me going. As if I wasn't already stressed enough with school, I lost my wallet this morning. I went to transfer my funds, get a new license, etc. It was exhausting. After all of that, someone found it and turned it in. Although I'd gone through a lot of hassle already, God was so good in letting a (rare) person with a good heart find my wallet. I know that He gives me little victories every day, and before I know it, I will be sitting down to take the bar and achieve my dream. Enter: Almost There from Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

spring breakin'!

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It's official: twenty classes separate me from Spring Break. That seems like a million right now, but it's really oh-so-close. I was never really the wild and out, Panama City SB type of girl. Even if I was, I'd be too old for that hullaballoo now. I'll be spending the week with my lovely mommy in my second home, Aiken, South Carolina. I'm so excited that my best friend Kathleen is coming too! We've planned some excursions that I thought I'd share, should your break also take you to the Carolinas!

The Biltmore Estate. Asheville, North Carolina

This will be my fourth visit to the Biltmore. I just LOVE it. Asheville is one of my very favorite cities, and I love stopping there on my drives from Lexington to Aiken. When I found out that tickets to the Biltmore are currently on sale for $35, I knew I had to go again. Why couldn't I have been a Vanderbilt??

Charleston, South Carolina OR Savannah, Georgia


This is a toss-up. Charleston is another of my favorite places. I love the history, the architecture, the market, and of course the FOOD! A.W. Shucks is my favorite raw bar, and has some of the best seafood I've ever tasted. (First place goes to Captain George's in Virginia Beach.) It's the food that's really at the heart of the debate here. I've been to Savannah/Tybee Island a few times, but never to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. It's a beautiful city too, so we'll see how this one works out!

The Aiken Spring Steeplechase. Aiken, SC

If I'm going to be hanging around Aiken, I need to give into the equestrian life. Like Lexington, Aiken's economy places a huge emphasis on the equine industry. The Steeplechase is rumoured to be quite the event, and I can't wait to see it for myself.


on heavy rotation, week of 2-21.

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Each week, I'll try to put up a new playlist of the songs I currently can't get enough of. I'm afraid this first issue may seem a bit sad...but I can explain.

Track one. The Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You, Black Emperor!
Warning: This song may startle you when it begins, and the speech will probably seem overwhelming. I had the same reaction upon first hearing it, and it probably took me a few months before I could push myself all the way through the monologue. Although I've known the song for years now, it took seeing The Road for me to truly appreciate it. I can't say that any other movie has ever affected my emotions the way that one did. When I got home from the theater, I just sat silently for hours, thinking of how foolish our senses of stability truly are. But I digress. If you have seen The Road, you will understand the emotions this piece can invoke. At the very least, I recommend listening to the last six minutes or so of the song. It is perfect.

Tracks two and three. Les Marionettes and Be Faithful, Go by Zebigniew Preisner.
I recently made a post about how thrilled I was with my discovery of Preisner. This discovery is also owed to the cinema. Since I was a little girl, The Secret Garden has been one of my favorite books and films. Preisner's score for the film is hauntingly beautiful, and from my limited experience, his work with Kieslowski produced equally magnificent pieces. Les Marionettes is from La Double vie de Veronique, which I am dying to see.

Track four. ONE by Yeasayer.
Here's a peppy one for you. I miss the old Yeasayer sound, but I guess you can't help but love the new album. True story: I almost knocked my shower rod down while dancing to this song a few nights ago.

Track five. Signs by Bloc Party.
Kele and the boys hit all of the right notes (on the glockenspiel.) If the imagery of these lyrics combined with the somber melody doesn't give you chills, I don't think you are human.

Track six. New World by DeVotchKa.
DeVotchKa is an amazing band. You've probably heard their signature song How It Ends, whether you know it or not. Treat yourself to another.

Track seven. Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen.
My relationship with Leonard is very love/hate. This song exemplifies what I love most about him. Soft acoustics, poignant lyrics, and, most of all, a mellow, soothing voice. I absolutely cannot handle his later albums with all of the heavy beats and synth. Songs like this are the reason he can get away with atrocities like Jazz Police.

Unavailable Tracks: I wasn't able to find copies of Heaven by Jimmy Scott or Sad Water by Nick Cave. However, I HIGHLY recommend that you track down the recording of Nick Cave's "Secret Life of the Love Song" lecture. He delves into the concept of duende, and in essence explains my love for these sad songs more eloquently than I could ever dream of. A link to his lecture is found here--however, the recording gives you gorgeous acoustic versions of Sad Water, People Ain't No Good, Love Letter, and a few others.

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things i'd rather do than law, vol. 2

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Sarah Hunt loves ice cream, but Sarah Hunt especially loves gelato. When Auntie Jill and I went to Italy last summer, we made sure that we sampled a new gelato every day...sometimes several times a day. So, it's needless to say I was pretty excited when I saw BBC World News' piece on Gelato University today. BBC's clip isn't available to embed, but check this out:

How awesome is that! Is it too late to transfer? In all seriousness though, I think a chic little gelato shop would go over very well in Lexington. Now accepting business partners.

Enjoying raspberry gelato in Rome

sweet dreams, vol. 2.

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Short and simple: I dreamed about a grasshopper that played a fiddle for me. Fine fiddler that little guy was, too.

And look, other people apparently think about fiddlin' insects!

happy anna howard shaw day.

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Here's a totally non-Valentine related treat for you. My current favorite Stones song, Play with Fire, from Out of Our Heads.

Oh, and Happy 25th Birthday to The Smiths' classic album Meat is Murder! I'm only just forgiving Morrissey for not showing up for his Asheville show last year, but albums like this make it hard to stay upset. Enjoy it's definitive cut...and try not to want to watch a John Hughes movie afterwards.

my way of chasing the winter blues...

by | | 0 comments buying pretty clothes for the summer. I just ordered this lovely little dress from ModCloth, and I can't wait to wear it!