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Fact: I have the weirdest dreams ever. Kathleen has been telling me all year that I need to keep a dream journal. I guess this is as good a place to start one as any. Maybe you'll get some entertainment from my psychosis. I'll start with last nights dreams, and maybe add some from my dream archives on the off-chance that I don't have one.

February 10, 2010

My dream started with Kathleen and myself at Newtown. We intimidated a few leasing agents with legal jargon, then went outside. There was some red-headed kid there. He looked to be about 14 or 15, and kept flirting with us. He kissed me on the lips, and when I pushed him off, he just went straight to K and kissed her all over her face. I don't really know how we finally got control over the little adolescent perv...but we ended up following him back to his home. He lived in some kind of totalitarian society that was run by a mysterious man in a top hat. He was symbolized everywhere in a drawing kind of like this. I never found out exactly what the rules of the society were, but Top Hat Man told everyone that if they didn't follow them, they would fall into fiery lava beneath the earth. Not hell, literally lava. I wasn't too keen on the whole thing from the get-go, but those Top Hat people really put me over the top when they gave me a cup of this weird tea. It was murky, and tasted bitter. I asked what it was made from, and they told me it was melted Beatles records. Aw hell no! They did not just make tea from Beatles vinyl! This was the last straw. I went into a rage, and somehow I suddenly had the strength to pull the power poles out of the ground. Whenever I did, the ground split and you could see way down into the earth. I was yelling for everyone to look inside and see that Top Hat Man was lying, because there was no lava. It just looked like an ink drawing of lines that never stopped moving...think the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. People started to look, and that's the last I can remember.

Any Freudians or Jungians want to tackle this baby? Let me hear it!

A little Wiki history of Unknown Pleasures' cover art gives a little insight. "It presents successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered, PSR B1919+21—often referred to in the context of this album by its older name, CP 1919."

Pulsars are "highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation."


Sara A.

I dunno why, but the first thought that came to mind when I read that there was a red headed kid in your dream was Justin.

I think the man in the top hat represents some sort of figure of power similar to someone you may know in your daily life. When trying to figure out who this guy could be representing in your dream you can try to remember what kinds of feeling he evoked in your dream and it could give you some more insights into the context of other elements of your dream. From a Jungian point of view, this is the Trickster archetype showing up in your dream (saying you'll fall into lava if you break the rules when there's really just lines underneath the earth, giving you tea made of Beatles records, etc), so when figuring out who this person could be representing try to think of all the tricksters you know.

I think that the whole totalitarian society thing could be some pent up anxiety about your being in law school. I can imagine that it's a pretty stressful experience much like having to follow all the rules in the dream. I could be way off on that, but that was my first impression. The fact that in the dream you start ripping up power poles is symbolic of the power you may not be aware that you have to get through tough situations.

I'm still kinda stumped on the lines when the earth cracks, but that could be the life path you feel that you are on. I know that college has pretty much killed me and I often wonder when this crazy journey will be over so maybe that's the representation of how you feel about school and that it seems neverending and always changing like the lines.

That's all I got, but if I think of anything else I'll update.

Sarah Hunt

Sara A., that's a fine analysis if I ever heard one. Also, the kissing all over the face thing actually sounds like something Justin would do now that I think about it!

Sara A.

Haha, yes, that was a very Justin-esque thing.

I'm glad my dream interpretation class is coming in handy for something!

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