kentucky rain.

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The weather in Kentucky today pretty much fits the mood of the state. The Big Blue Nation After last night's game, I cried myself into a throbbing headache. I didn't cry so much for what we lost as for who we lost. That game probably marked the last time we will see John Wall, Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins, and maybe Eric Bledose in a blue and white uniform. Why does this matter so much to me?

I have watched and loved Kentucky basketball my entire life. I carried a stuffed wildcat everywhere when I was two. When I was four, I busted my head open and needed stitches. When the nurse asked what color stitches I wanted, I calmly replied, "UK blue." I sat in my Daddy's lap and watched every game Jamal Mashburn ever played. In 5th grade (the year of the 1998 National Championship), I won a school prize for having the best UK spirit. I cried as a 15-year old meeting Tayshaun Prince. In short, I'm trying to tell you that I have followed and adored dozens of teams. Until now, I would have said my favorite team was the "Comeback Cats" of 1998. But this year changed everything. For all the love I've had for every team, this one was just different. I have never felt so involved, so connected to a group of players. Their unbelievable talent, their personalities, and their heart made them unlike any other team in this nation. The Big Blue Nation embraced them because they allowed us to. It was all but unbearable for me to wait from game to game and see these guys leave it all on the floor every time.

Would I have liked to seen the 8th National Championship banner hanging in Rupp Arena? As another Sarah would say, "You betcha." But I wouldn't trade the season we had for anything in the world. These guys brought life back into Kentucky basketball, and championship or not, no one can tell me that their school has a more talented team or a more loyal fanbase. I hope the players recognized how much we love them when they came home to a couple hundred Cats fans waiting for them at the airport, myself included. John, Eric, and DeMarcus walked out with their arms around one another, and came over to greet the fans. My headache completely subsided for a few minutes, and all I could do was smile.

I love this team, I love the Wildcats, and I love Kentucky. No apologies and no regrets.

a fantastic and fashionable way to promote literacy!

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Out of Print Clothing is awesome. It operates with a mission similar to that of Tom's shoes, which I also adore. Out of Print produces fashion tees with the covers of the world's great novels on them. A few of the selections include On the Road, The Catcher in the Rye, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Not only do the tees have a great vintage vibe, but for each one you buy, Out of Print will donate a book to a needy community in Africa. I LOVE this idea, and think I simply must have the Lolita tee. Side note: I don't care how controversial that book is. It is the most beautiful thing I have EVER read. Side side note: Speaking of books, is anyone reading anything interesting right now? I just finished up The Road by Cormac McCarthy (masterpiece), and am thinking of picking back up with Locus Solus by Raymond Roussel next. I also just ordered The Assignment: or, on the Observing of the Observer of the Observers.

In other news, my CATS are in the Elite Eight! Joy abounds!


you will thank me for this one later.

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Alright, I am about to share one of my little secrets. Lulu has the absolute prettiest, most unique, and most affordable dresses I've ever seen! Most of them run $30-40, and are the same that you will find on places like ModCloth. They also carry other adorable clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and have an expansive true vintage collection. If you, like me, find yourself drooling over a ridiculously priced Anthropologie piece, do yourself and your wallet a favor and hit Lulu's. I'm about to put in a new order as we speak!


how bout those wildcats?

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No time for a real post...the NCAA tournament is on television AND I'm trying to finish my appellate brief! But I couldn't miss the opportunity to mention my CATS being Sweet Sixteen bound! 4 days 4 hours, 5 minutes and 18 seconds until we play again!


almost 23...and disney still gets me.

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Evan learned long ago that it is futile to try and get out of taking me to a movie I've been wanting to see. Phantom of the Opera was my first success. Anyway, I was quite pleasantly surprised when he was actually as excited to see The Princess and the Frog as I was. These kids that are growing up on Pixar just don't get it. I adore pretty much all of the Pixar movies (especially Toy Story, Wall-E, and UP), but they're just not the same as that hand-drawn classics.

We both loved The Princess and the Frog. If you pay close attention, you'll see little appearances from some of your other favorite Disney characters--King Triton being the most noticeable. What brings me to talking about the movie today is the fact that at age 23, sometimes it takes a good old Disney song to get me going. As if I wasn't already stressed enough with school, I lost my wallet this morning. I went to transfer my funds, get a new license, etc. It was exhausting. After all of that, someone found it and turned it in. Although I'd gone through a lot of hassle already, God was so good in letting a (rare) person with a good heart find my wallet. I know that He gives me little victories every day, and before I know it, I will be sitting down to take the bar and achieve my dream. Enter: Almost There from Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

spring breakin'!

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It's official: twenty classes separate me from Spring Break. That seems like a million right now, but it's really oh-so-close. I was never really the wild and out, Panama City SB type of girl. Even if I was, I'd be too old for that hullaballoo now. I'll be spending the week with my lovely mommy in my second home, Aiken, South Carolina. I'm so excited that my best friend Kathleen is coming too! We've planned some excursions that I thought I'd share, should your break also take you to the Carolinas!

The Biltmore Estate. Asheville, North Carolina

This will be my fourth visit to the Biltmore. I just LOVE it. Asheville is one of my very favorite cities, and I love stopping there on my drives from Lexington to Aiken. When I found out that tickets to the Biltmore are currently on sale for $35, I knew I had to go again. Why couldn't I have been a Vanderbilt??

Charleston, South Carolina OR Savannah, Georgia


This is a toss-up. Charleston is another of my favorite places. I love the history, the architecture, the market, and of course the FOOD! A.W. Shucks is my favorite raw bar, and has some of the best seafood I've ever tasted. (First place goes to Captain George's in Virginia Beach.) It's the food that's really at the heart of the debate here. I've been to Savannah/Tybee Island a few times, but never to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. It's a beautiful city too, so we'll see how this one works out!

The Aiken Spring Steeplechase. Aiken, SC

If I'm going to be hanging around Aiken, I need to give into the equestrian life. Like Lexington, Aiken's economy places a huge emphasis on the equine industry. The Steeplechase is rumoured to be quite the event, and I can't wait to see it for myself.