almost 23...and disney still gets me.

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Evan learned long ago that it is futile to try and get out of taking me to a movie I've been wanting to see. Phantom of the Opera was my first success. Anyway, I was quite pleasantly surprised when he was actually as excited to see The Princess and the Frog as I was. These kids that are growing up on Pixar just don't get it. I adore pretty much all of the Pixar movies (especially Toy Story, Wall-E, and UP), but they're just not the same as that hand-drawn classics.

We both loved The Princess and the Frog. If you pay close attention, you'll see little appearances from some of your other favorite Disney characters--King Triton being the most noticeable. What brings me to talking about the movie today is the fact that at age 23, sometimes it takes a good old Disney song to get me going. As if I wasn't already stressed enough with school, I lost my wallet this morning. I went to transfer my funds, get a new license, etc. It was exhausting. After all of that, someone found it and turned it in. Although I'd gone through a lot of hassle already, God was so good in letting a (rare) person with a good heart find my wallet. I know that He gives me little victories every day, and before I know it, I will be sitting down to take the bar and achieve my dream. Enter: Almost There from Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!


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