a day for daddy.

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Today, April 6th, would have been my precious Daddy's birthday. You would think I would be more down on the anniversary of his death, February 7th, but it's always the birthday that gets me. I always start to think about what we'd be doing to celebrate. It's a gorgeous day, so I can only imagine that he'd take the vintage Camaro out for a spin, Zeppelin cranked up all the way. Although I wish I could be enjoying this day with him, I know that every day is this gorgeous where he is. Today I just want to remember his life, but also how he taught me not to fear death. I watched my father die. I don't mean that I only saw his body slowly succumbing to the cancer, but that I literally watched his last breaths. The moment was private, and I have never really shared it with anyone. However, I will tell you that a look of absolute peace came over his face near the end. He smiled. Daddy wasn't afraid...he was happy. I guess that was the only fitting exit for the man who had a permanent smile on his face. When I realize I'm moving on to see my Daddy again, I reckon I'll die smiling too.

This is one of my favorite songs by The Kinks, and describes my feelings on this day perfectly.



I am so sorry for your loss.

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