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I'm loving the songs I've heard from The National's upcoming album, High Violet. It took me a while to warm up to Matt Berninger's voice, but the songs are just too nice not to. (If you're a newcomer to the band, I recommend All the Wine.) I'm really taken by the new track Afraid of Everyone. It's feel is a little more similar to their side project, Clogs. This makes sense, seeing as how Clogs just released an album a month or two ago. The sound also puts me in mind of The Twilight Sad...big time.

A few members of the band are from just across the river in Cincinnati, so hopefully I'll get a chance to check out one of their shows in the next few months. Here is a utterly random picture of me with The National's Bryce in the background:

Haaha! Geoff and I were waiting around after the MusicNow Festival while Matt photographed Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear's sound guy, "Juice", was having his own little photography project, taking Polaroids (with a SoCo ad?) of the band members. Before I knew it, I was in on the picture-taking. I think the surprise is obvious from my facial expression. Bryce, who helped to organize the festival, can be seen creepin' over my shoulder. Lovely! (Click here for the session's best picture...Sufjan and Daniel are 2Bless2BeStressed, son.) He and The National's album is due out on May 10th.



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