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Jimi Hendrix says it best in this blog's title. In two weeks, my first year of law school will be over and freedom will be mine! (This also means that I am going on a two-week blogging hiatus, but I digress.) While this has certainly not been one of my most enjoyable years for many reasons, I know it was one of the most important. I don't believe in worrying, but I have to admit that the worries about my summer job prospects were coming. Thankfully, my work and persistence paid off. This week I landed an internship that is beyond what I could even dream of. Since my employer is a public figure, I don't think that it is appropriate to give you all of the details about them in a blog. I will tell you, however, that I was more impressed by this person than anyone I have come into contact with in my job search. While others who had far less on their plate took weeks (or months, in one very inconsiderate firm's case) to speak with me on an individual basis, this person got back to me within two days. I feel ashamed now for worrying about those other firms. God was just holding out to give me something so much better!

Alright, now that I forced you to wallow in my no-longer-unemployed glee, I'll get back to the point. I'll have about two weeks in between school and beginning my internship. Unfortunately, some of this time must be allocated to writing on to the Kentucky Law Journal. But this won't stop me from filling every possible moment with something terrifyingly awesome. Kathleen and I have already secured a Tennessee cabin for a few days. Knowing us, I'd say it's safe to predict that the trip will include shopping, singing karaoke, and making friends with the most random characters imaginable.

But what can I do with the rest of my break? Maybe I should start hosting a fishing show where I catch all of the large-mouth bass in Fishtrap Dam and shout "WOOOOWEEE!" every time I catch one. (It would probably be more similar to this...although I wouldn't be caught dead in a UT hat.) Maybe I should learn to play The Doobie Brothers' "Takin' It to the Streets" on the bagpipes. Or I could take on the Kenny Walker challenge of racing a quarterhorse at the Red Mile Racetrack. The possibilities really are endless. =)



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