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I've been looking for the perfect dress for my first day of work in the legal field. You have to start out on the looking good, right? I knew I found the dress on Nordstrom's website, but their smallest size was an eight. I called to see if they had it in Cincinnati, thinking that maybe I could put it on hold and pick it up next weekend. But no, they of course put me on hold for fifteen minutes. I gave up. I feel sorry for people that have to live in Ohio.

Then, I called the store I should have contacted in the first place. The Nordstrom in Atlanta (Phipps Plaza) is really a class act. My mom got her dress for Chris' wedding there, and they treated her like a queen! The alterations were perfect, and the delivery was right on time. Anyway, not only were they about 1000x nicer, they found my dress in a size two and are shipping it for free! I really recommend dealing with them. If you're ordering anyway, have it shipped from their store.

Here it is! Classy with a 60s-esque feel. Love. It.




That dress is THE dress for you!!! You will be such a hit on your first day of little baby is growing up, lol. I bet money that Linda cries on your first day of work.
Anyway, the "I feel sorry for people who live in Ohio" comment literally made me lol...I feel the exact same way! I wonder if we could persuade them to secede? Probably not. Hell in light of how the USA is today maybe KY should just secede. Okay now I am just rambling and sounding like a libertarian. Good luck at your job, love you!!!


I'm going to start calling you Rachel Paul. Baahaha, love you

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