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Studying has always cause me to make playlists. I have "finals" playlists dating back to my first semester of junior year, and it's always fun to go back and have a listen. I usually pick mellow, folky tunes for those types of playlists. This year, I mixed those with peppy songs, because Lord knows I need cheering up while studying this stuff. Here are some of my favorites from my Spring '10 list, with links to their YouTube videos.

1. Local Natives-Airplanes. Geoff has been telling me to download Gorilla Manor for months, and I just got around to it. Thank goodness. Fans of Band of Horses will want to check these guys out.

2. Specials-Monkey Man. This song never fails to put a smile on my face. When I have kids, we'll definitely jam to this one together.

3. Blitzen Trapper-Heaven and Earth. I thought I'd downloaded the wrong song at first. I was prepared for a harmonica or acoustic guitar...and they give me piano. It's different for Blitzen Trapper, but it definitely works. I hope that when the official video for this arrives, it will be as awesome as the one for Black River Killer.

4. The Zombies-You Really Got a Hold on Me/Bring it on Home to Me. One of my favorite bands takes two of my favorites songs and puts them together? Oh yeah. I've known this medley for a long time, but now I can't get enough of it. What is your favorite version of either of these songs?

5. The Whitsundays-Silent in the Wind. Simple and sweet, like this time of year should be. There's no YouTube video for now, so I linked you to a free download! Even better!

Hope you enjoy some of the songs! If you do, support the artists by buying their album or going to their show! Ohh speaking of which...I am going to see Midlake next weekend! YAY! Anyway, I'm off to study class actions for the next three days. Happy Finals Week!



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