on shoulder pads and restroom eulogies.

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Subject One-Shoulderpads.

It was a rainy Memorial Day in Carolina. Rather than completely waste my day off, I decided to be productive and...go shopping. While at the mall, I found what I thought was a very Sarah dress. Black cocktail length with white piping and a square neck. It fit like a glove, but there was one problem--shoulderpads. I read in Elle or something that they were back, and that they're only on the pieces that need them. Well...why is it that nothing has needed them for the past 20 years? On my little frame, they make me look like a linebacker. Should I suck it up and wear them for the sake of the cute dress, or am I right in thinking that people would mistake me as a cast member for a Designing Women remake?

Subject Two-Restroom Eulogies.

People that write on the walls of public restrooms are undoubtedly among humanity's kindest. Not only do they selflessly refer rank strangers to those who offer "good times", but, in the same primary penmanship, they also scribble heartfelt "rest in peace" messages to their fallen comrades. Now let me assure you, when I move on to that pie in the sky, I will surely appreciate your wishes that my soul's everlastin' siesta will be tranquil. However, it really is not necessary to transcribe your wish to a bathroom wall in a Mexican restaurant or Bob's BP. At least make it a TGI Friday's. Come on, keep it classy.
Author's Apology: Apparently "shoulder pad" is two words. Duly noted.


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