sweet dreams, vol. 3.

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Oh Dreamland. You never cease to amuse me.

It's been rainy and blah all day, so I couldn't help but lay down for a little snooze. During said snooze, I dreamed that I had somehow come into possession of a video of John Wall that was, shall we say, risqué. Someone then proceeded to upload the video onto the internet under my name! Hahaha, I started flipping out, because I was afraid it would ruin John's name and career. I spent the rest of the dream trying to delete it from the internet and crying. I woke up and had a good laugh.

Now Johnny boy, you see the lengths I go to for you even in dreams? You can hire another attorney for now, but hopefully you will dump him in two years and give me a job. I'll be the attorney Rick Pitino wishes he had. Think about it.


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