i write like...her?

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A few days ago, my mother told me about "I Write Like." If you haven't already heard, it's a website that automatically analyzes your writing samples and tells you what famous writer your writing style is most similar to. When she told me that the guy on the news entered Lady Gaga lyrics and it spit out Shakespeare, I was immediately skeptical. (I really, really hate Lady Gaga. Sorry.)

Nonetheless, my interest was piqued. Since pretty much everything I write outside of this blog is very analytical, I decided to make up a little something. Kathleen was sitting with me, so this is what flowed out in a matter of about thirty seconds:

Sarah and K sat silently on the queen size bed, wearing their beautiful outfits that still smelled of the Fayette Mall. They pondered the meaning of their existence. Why am I here? And who are these people? Alas, they sighed. They are all here to serve us.

We then giggled for a good ten minutes over the absurdity of our blurb. Anyway, "I Write Like" popped out with the result of Margaret Atwood. Handmaid's Tale? Ohh yes, I was pleased. Maybe I'm with Lady Googoo though. It probably flattered me a bit, and I'm not really sure how the program draws it's conclusions. Who do you "write like", and were you flattered or offended?




I've did this before. I put in a couple of different blog posts. With almost all of them, I got Chuck Palahniuk.

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