guilty pleasures.

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Yes, I've neglected my blog big time. I feel guilty. So, I figured this would be an appropriate topic: the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. I know I can be a music snob sometimes, but even music snobs have their weaknesses.

5-Celine Dion

What girl of the 90's didn't love Celine? She had me from the time she and Peabo sang Beauty and the Beast. When my cinema taste matured a little, she accompanied my FAVORITE movie with my FAVORITE guy and first huge crush. You know I'm talking about Leo and Titanic. It's all coming back to me, Celine...


I have no explanation. I've loved her since Destiny's Child.

3-Pop Punk from my high school years

Man, did I love New Found Glory. Allister, Fenix TX, The Get Up Kids...I could go on for days. It was before everything went "screamo" and stupid, and they always made me happy. They still do.

2-Backstreet Boys

The BSB were my first concert in Rupp Arena! I was 13 and in love with Kevin Richardson. Everybody knows NSYNC couldn't compare to the BSB...cause they had it goin' on. I may or may not have gone to my second BSB concert three weeks ago and loved every minute of it.

1-Hall and Oates

I think this is in my genetics. Other than Oates' killer mustache, why would I be so inexplicably drawn to two blantantly dorky 80's poppers? My Mom loves H&O, and I'm told that part of the inspiration behind my name was their song, "Sara Smile." Wonderful. They inspired what was definitely my favorite scene from 500 Days of Summer...I feel like doing the same thing when I'm rocking this on my way to class.

Who are your guiltiest pleasures?


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